20 Fab Style Tips for plus Size Ladies ...

Style tips for plus size women can cover anything from wearing the right underwear to mixing it up with accessories. While, I’m not the biggest fan of using the term ‘plus size’ (because really, aren’t we all just ‘sizes’?), I’ll use the term here for continuity. Like dressing for any body shape, it’s all about emphasising your assets to make you feel your best. I’ve come across many a style tip for plus size women in my time, and the following are a collection of such tips.

1. Dress for Your Body Shape

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One of the most important style tips for plus size women is to know your body shape. If you’re a rectangular shape, you may want to create shape with your clothes. If you have an hourglass figure, then you want to show this off. Pear shapes might want to stick to separates and choose clothes that balance out their silhouette.

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