8 Fabulous Designer Bags under $300 ...

Designer Bags donโ€™t have to cost you a month's work. I have found 8 fabulous designer bags that are all under $300. If you have ever owned a designer purse you will know nothing compares to the quality of one. Designer bags to me are well worth the money spent, hence why a vintage Chanel costs more than what it did when it first came out. Here are my 8 favorite designer bags under $300.

1. Guess | Talina Canvas Coral Handbag

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Price: $190 at vanmildert.com
Does it get much better than a color combo like Peach, Coral and Beigeโ€ฆso refreshing! This gorgeous Guess purse oozes spring to me, a must for the upcoming season. Paired both with Jeans or a Sun Dress I think this is a perfect addition to your Spring and Summer Wardrobe.

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