11 Fabulous Fashion Choices for 2014 ...

The new year will bring about some much needed change in fashion, and the fashion choices for 2014 are some of my favorites we’ve seen in a few years. This year, femininity will take priority over most fashion trends, and will change from fashion in years past dramatically. You don’t have to trade out your entire wardrobe though, so don’t worry. Just try some of these top new fashion choices for 2014 and you’ll be set to go!

1. Trouser Pants

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I adore trouser pants and they are one of the best fashion choices for 2014 to make, no matter what body type you have. I’m preferable to them because they’re wide-legged and really help accent a woman’s shape, no matter what that is. They’re usually somewhat higher waisted, and very long, making them wonderful for elongating the leg and adding elegance to any outfit.

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