7 Fabulous Fashion DIY's ...

Fashion DIY’s are my most favorite thing to Pin... on Pinterest of course! To think that the bag of clothing I never wear anymore, is filled with signature pieces I’d love to own, makes me throw sleeping aside and craft Fashion DIY’s all night. I am an obsessed crafter and have been since I have quite young – with my parents mumbling under their breath that they should have bought stocks in scotch tape, I only begin to understand and wished they had. Here are 7 of my favorite Fashion DIY’s at the moment...

1. Golden Studded Shirt

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Don’t you wish you’d saved your "be-dazzler" from the 80’s now? You shoulda listened to your mother, she never throws things away. Whether you enjoy the studded trend or not this is a sure way to make a collared shirt, one of a kind.

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