8 Fabulous Faux Fur Winter Accessories ...

Faux Fur Accessories are luxurious, fashionable, but completely animal-friendly. This winter, with the temperatures freezing even if the snow is being a little shy (at least up on the East Coast), faux fur accessories make the perfect addition to any outfit. From scarves to gloves to earmuffs, you can keep yourself toasty warm and seriously stylish. For some ideas on the best and most fabulous faux fur accessories this winter, check out these choices!

1. Dalmation Faux Fur Stole

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Price: $45.00 at us.topshop.com
This is one of my favorite faux fur accessories, because it's versatile. It will keep your neck and face warm when you need it, but it's also highly fashionable and wonderfully, richly vintage. At the same time, it's not so large that you'll be burning up on those sunny days when there's just a nip in the air.

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