15 Fabulous Female Style Icons That the World Loves ...

Some women are just fashiontastic enough to be termed "style icons". Who are these fabulous women? Read guest contributor Ecem's post to find out...

Admit it, you all have some female style icons who you look up to and admire. Well, who doesnโ€™t? But letโ€™s face it, not every celeb deserves that spot. Up for a count down for my female style icons?

1. Princess Diana

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Being classy is one thing, but being classy and modest at the same time is a whole different chapterโ€ฆ This lady was never afraid to try new things when it came to dressing. There was no in or out for her especially in fashion. Maybe thatโ€™s what makes her style so timeless and so admirable! Long live the legacy of Diana!

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