7 Fabulous Holiday Fashion Tips to Shine like a Star This Season ...

During the holiday season there are always so many parties and functions to attend, and it is always nice to have some holiday fashion tips so you can show up to any get-together looking amazing. When I think about holiday fashion, I think about basic pieces that I can mix and match together, but I want them to have just a little something extra. It is amazing how the right accessory or piece of clothing can make you look as bright as the holiday lights. I love getting together with people over the holidays, but because the season is so busy I like having some simple holiday fashion tips that will have me looking great in no time.

1. A Crisp White Button down Shirt

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Never underestimate the power of a great white button down shirt. They may seem rather plain, but in reality they are very classy. Having one on hand is one of the best holiday fashion tips. It amazes me how pairing a white button down shirt with a pair of jeans and some heels can have me looking ready for an impromptu holiday lunch with friends in minutes. I always make sure to iron my shirt before putting it on, because the crispness of the shirt is part of its magic. Another great aspect of the white shirt is that you can easily add your own spin, such as popping the collar or rolling up the sleeves. It is your choice how to style it, but a crisp white button down shirt will have you looking great no matter what!

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