7 Fabulous Pairs of Jeggings ...

Jeggings can divide the masses. Somewhere between jeans and leggings, the jegging lives in hazy fashion territory. Simply uttering the word can elicit a range of responses โ€“ mostly negative. While they can be regarded as a fashion faux pas, there are a range of designers that are giving the jegging a better reputation. There are also a range of more affordable chain-store options that arenโ€™t completely tacky. The following are just a few of the more stylish jeggings around.

1. Gold Sign Leggings-Style Jeans

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Price: $240.00 at net-a-porter.com
Notice how they avoid the โ€˜**jeggings**โ€™ tag by naming them โ€˜leggings-style jeansโ€™? Well, never fear, these still belong in jeggings territory and are a very smart and stylish option at that. They look exactly like a pair of super skinny jeans, complete with zip and pocket detailing, but are made from super stretchy fabric.

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