8 Fabulous Pastel Finds for Spring 2012 ...

Pastel fashion is one of the most popular 2012 trends and, in case flipping through the latest issue of Vogue hasn’t convinced you that marshmallowy colors need to find their place in your spring wardrobe, I hope this list of budget friendly finds will! So here are a few pieces to help you both pull off and personalize this spring trend:

1. Free People Pastel Jeans

Price: $88.00 at zappos.com
Forget about that silly rule that says you aren’t allowed to wear colored jeans after the age of 10! There is a new spring trend in town and, yes, you are more than welcome to choose a pretty pastel shade of your favorite color and rock it anytime you wish to do so! How about this lovely one? And don’t worry in case that’s not one of your personal faves because this gorgeous pair of skinny jeans is available in pretty much any pastel you can think of!