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7 Fabulous Tips for Color Blocking ...

By Melissa

Naturally Fall brings in cooler weather and we ladies try to keep warm by adding on a few layers. This added clothing is the perfect time to try out the newest fashion trend with these 7 fabulous tips of color blocking. Color blocking is the idea of combining different colors that compliment each other. Katy Perry is notorious for coloring blocking. With these fabulous tips for color blocking you can be too.

1 Make Wise Color Choices

You don’t want to hurt peoples eyes and have them running for cover when you walk down the street. Choose colors that work together not against each other. For best results look at a color wheel for inspirations.

2 Be Vibrant

Take this fabulous tip for color blocking and make your colors vibrant. Save dull and dreawry for another day. Pair up pinks and greens to make a bright statement. Go for a soft pastel colors won’t have the same effect and will appear washed out.

3 Play with Patterns

One fabulous tip for color blocking is to chose a garment that has already been colored blocked for you with patterns. Patterned prints use different colors to create bold stripes and polka dots. Wearing these items takes the guess work out of color blocking.

4 Keep It Simple with Acessories

If you are trying color blocking for the first time and just aren’t feeling up to make such a big statement as some of the other fabulous tips for color blocking suggest you can play it safe by adding pops of color to your daily look with accessories. Choose bright colored bangles, scarf, handbag or heels. Mix and match colors to see what works best for you and your look.

5 Try Just One Color

Successful color blocking doesn’t need a large color pallet. You can achieve the same effect by wearing only one bright color paired with neutral accessories. Perfect example for fall would be a rustic orange dress paired with brown boots.

6 Don’t Forget about White

A wearing a white top is a fabulous tip for color blocking. It helps balance out any bold colors you are wearing in a skirt or pants. Pair a simple button down white top with a vibrant blue skirt.

7 Mix up Your Fabrics

This is an easy fabulous tip for color blocking in the fall. Chances are you are already doing this as you add on layers to stay warm as the temperatures cool off. The contrast of heavy wools and light silks add another dimension to your color blocking experience.

These fabulous tips for color blocking should have you well on your way to test out this hot trend. What are some ways you have tried color blocking recently?

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