8 Fabulous Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer ...

Ways to make your legs look longer can be as simple as slipping on a pair of heels. There’s long been a fascination with having lengthy legs, and it’s a something that’s often seen as desirable. If you weren’t born with sky high pins, however, there are plenty of ways to fake it. Take a look at the following ways to make your legs longer looking.

1. Say Hi to High Heels

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And instant way to make your legs look longer is by simply stepping into a pair of high heels. Wearing heels not only adds extra height, but it also elongates the appearance of your leg. Stick to slim stiletto heels rather than chunky block heels. Open toed shoes are also more elongating than closed toe shoes.

2. Wear Shorter Skirts

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The length of your hemline plays can play a major role in creating the appearance of longer looking legs. Anything that cuts you off at an awkward length can instantly make you appear shorter or stumpier. When looking at ways to make your legs look longer, a short hemline is a great place to start. Swap your midi for a mini skirt and show off your pins.

3. Wear One Tone

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If you want longer looking legs, stick to one tone when it comes to wearing tights and shoes. If you’re wearing black tights, wear black shoes. If you’re wearing nude tights (or going sans tights) then wear skin-coloured shoes. Wearing one tone creates a streamlined effect and tricks the eye into thinking you’ve got longer legs.

4. Embrace the Slit Skirt

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The slit maxi skirt is going to be a big trend this summer. As an added bonus, it’s also a great way to make your legs look longer. A slit is a little bit risqué, showing just the right amount of skin. Because it only shows a sliver of skin, it also creates the appearance of a slim, long leg.

5. Go Floor Length

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Previously I mentioned that wearing shorter hemlines can create the appearance of longer looking legs. Well, would you also believe that wearing longer hemlines are just another one of the ways to make your legs look longer? The trick, however, is to choose something that skims the floor. This instantly creates the appearance of a lengthier silhouette. Pop on a pair of heels or wedges underneath for added height – just make sure the hem is long enough to cover up the shoe!

6. Ditch the Ankle Straps

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Anything that breaks the line of your leg will instantly shorten its appearance. For this reason, stay away from shoes with ankle straps. Also, avoid anklets as they too break up the line.

7. Wear a High Waist

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Watching your waistline can make all the difference when looking at ways to make your legs look longer. No, I’m not talking about dieting, but simply watching where you choose to cinch in your clothes. Wearing high waisted garments is one way to trick people into thinking your legs start at a higher point. Accentuate a higher waist by tucking your shirts in and avoiding letting anything hang below the waistband.

8. Avoid Dropped Waists

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With the rise of 1920s inspired silhouettes, the dropped waist is bound to be rearing its head. However, if you want to make your legs look longer, steer clear of this style of dress. A dropped waist will only make your legs look shorter

These are just a few tips and tricks for ways to make your legs look longer. They’re all simple and effective ways to give the appearance of longer looking legs. Do you have a favourite way to make your legs look longer?

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