7 Fabulous Ways to Wear Neon ...

Incorporating bright, bold colors into your wardrobe can be a daunting task, especially if you tend to favor more subdued tones and traditional garments; you might be wary about finding fabulous ways to wear neon. Unfortunately, the safe go-to palette of soft grays and soothing lilacs has lost ground to the colors du jour, namely the cheery primary colors and increasingly intense and unconventional hues popularized by cutting edge celebrities like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. Like many new age pieces, neons pose a particular challenge to trendsetters unsure of how to use flashy colors as tasteful embellishment rather than a gaudy throwaway. Here are a few simple but fabulous ways to wear neon that run that gamut from blatant in-your-face color to subtle neon hues meant to add a simple splash of color to a well-established wardrobe.

1. Bendie by Jessica Simpson

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Though not generally a fan of celebrity clothing lines, I was pleasantly surprised by Jessica Simpson’s voguish collection of platform heels and stilettos, and think it represents a fabulous way to wear neon. Reminiscent of Jeffrey Campbell’s funky vintage feel, the collection generally incorporates a hippie, boho allure. The Bendie, however, is pure downtown club scene: a daring fuchsia platform literally puts you above the competition while eye-catching cutouts guarantee to get you noticed. Spice up your most beloved LBD or pair with a glowing yellow frock for a touch of mod.

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