9 Fabulous Ways to Wear the February Birthstone Color ...

If your birthday month is February you may already know the February birthstone color is Amethyst. While February is cold and wintry, this lovely birthstone color is warm and regal. A member of the quartz family, Amethyst forms in a variety of purple shades from the lightest lilac to the darkest plum. Amethyst is best recognized by a medium purple tone. This classic gem has a wonderful tone that works well for any accessory. So, this February, why not show off a little of that royal February birthstone color this month - even if it isn't your birthday?

1. Curious Contacts

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Ok, I was a little taken aback when I first saw Amethyst contacts, but then they grew on me. Amethyst contacts remind me of Daenerys Targaryen's "violet" eyes as described in the A Game of Thrones book series. The associated gemstone qualities also remind me of that character and strong women: royalty, courage, creativity, strength, and self-esteem. If you want a bit of change from your regular eye color, consider Amethyst contacts. Wearing the February birthstone color in this way will surely draw attention to your eyes.

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