Fall Accessories to Start Stocking up on ...

I don’t know about you, but fall is my favorite time of the year for accessories. I love the jewelry because it can be chunky or dainty and it works with all of your favorite looks. Even more than that, the fun accessories you can wear as outerwear makes fall even more fun for fashion. If you love outerwear, fall is probably your favorite season for fashion too. It’s finally time for the best time of the year for fashion, so if you don’t know what accessories you’re going to wear this fall, this list will help accessorize even your most boring outfits!

1. Capes

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I consider coats to be an accessory, and capes are easily the biggest coat and accessory trend of this fall. Dramatic pieces are so on trend this year, so obviously wearing a cape as a coat is a must. Be like Olivia Pope and Taylor Swift and wear your cape with pride! You’ll turn heads and look like you just walked off the runway!

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