8 Fall Animal Print Accessories ...

Unleash your natural instincts to stylize fall animal print accessories into your wardrobe this season. Exotic animal skins and safari inspired styles are pieces that will never go out of style leaving you reigning king (or queen) of the high fashion jungle. Wild accents in neutral palettes are fabulous for fall and add a graphic playful pattern to any outfit. While there aren’t any lions, and tigers, and bears, (oh my!) there are definitely these 8 fall animal print accessories for a little magnetic charm this season.

1. Calvin Klein Handbag

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Price: $248 at macys.com
Take a walk on the wild side in true ladylike fashion this fall with a demure feminine satchel. This everyday accessory is spot on when it comes to mixing just the right amount of print with all black leather. The sheer animal magnetism of this satchel makes for a subtle yet standout statement that will have you reaching for this bag for seasons to come.

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