11 Fantastically Creative Dresses That Will Blow Your Mind ...

There are so many wonderfully creative people out there making loads of creative dresses. Some fabulous creations are made at home with a kitchen table sewing machine and others are created by big name fashion designers in studios. Beautiful and creative ideas come from people of all ages and backgrounds. The results are often wonderful, while others leave you scratching your head in wonder. Here, we share with you eleven creative dresses, the materials of which will blow your mind.

1. Lovely, Fluffy Toilet Paper

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The toilet paper dress kicks off our list of creative dresses because the concept is well known and the products are almost always incredibly lovely. The texture is so flawless that you can barely tell what the dress is made of unless examined up-close. The softness and flow look haute couture. The toilet paper dress is a lovely creation of bathroom imagination genius! It looks like clouds and cotton and probably smells baby fresh. Don't wear this dress in the rain!

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