7 Fashion Choices That'll Draw the Eye Away from Flaws ...

There are plenty of fashion choices that'll draw the eye away from flaws, in order to make you feel more comfortable with your appearance. Of course, that doesn't mean that you should constantly be worried about your 'flaws.' You're beautiful just the way you are, so you shouldn't be ashamed of showing off your beautiful body. But we all have insecurities, so here are some fashion choices that'll draw the eye away from flaws:

1. Belts

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Fashion belts can do more than add some sparkle to your outfit. Wear them a bit higher than your natural waistline for a slimmer look that'll draw the eye away from flaws. You should also invest in something with a shiny buckle, so that it draws attention to the center of your body, creating the illusion that you're slimmer. Of course, the only way to know which way your outfit looks best is by trying out every option. Step in front of that mirror and strut your stuff.

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