7 Fashion Essentials for Overnight Trips ...

No matter why you’re going on an overnight trip, there are a few fashion essentials for overnight trips that may not have even occurred to you. Whether you’re going to a wedding out of town or you’re simply doing a girls’ weekend with your best friends, these fashion essentials for overnight trips will come in handy no matter what. In fact, you may be surprised that you haven’t thought of a lot of these when packing for your next overnight trip!

1. A Light Scarf

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There’s something about a light scarf that just screams “overnight trip” to me. It’s retro but classic. It’s something you throw on in the morning, on your way to breakfast in a cute, little town. It’s the perfect way to polish your look when you’ve slept in and don’t want to spend the time putting together an outfit! To me, a light scarf is one of the best fashion essentials for overnight trips, because it’s so versatile yet so cute.

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