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Fashion Habits That Are Killing You ...

By Carly

Okay, so I admit I might have been a little dramatic with the title, but now that I’ve got your attention, let me explain! A lot of women suffer for their fashion, putting their bodies through things, and into things, that are not necessarily the ideal situations for the physical comfort. Fashion can be a real killer sometimes, that’s what they say, but have you ever taken a second to think about the truth behind that statement? Are there things that you are doing with your clothing and accessories that might be causing you harm? Here are some fashion habits that are killing you!

1 Badly Fitting Bras

brassiere, shoulder, neck, chest, undergarment,A crazy high percentage of us are walking around every day wearing bras that don’t actually fit properly. You are wearing the wrong size if the band rubs against your breasts, if you can slide your fingers underneath it with ease, and if your straps are constantly digging in to your shoulders. Making this mistake every single day can lead to lots of back and posture problems.

2 Large Handbags

jeans, fashion, shoulder, outerwear, shoe,The trend for large handbags is big right now, and most of us tend to wear our bags on one shoulder all the time. The heavier your bag gets, the more strain gets put on this particular shoulder, and over time your posture will suffer.


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3 Skinny Jeans

jeans, clothing, denim, shoulder, fashion model,Skinny jeans aren’t going anywhere soon, but the extremely tight ones can have some negative effects. Low rise varieties can have the effect of dragging your pelvis down and putting extra work on your sacroiliac joints, which are the joints that connect your sacrum to your ilium bones. It can cause lower back pain.

4 Underwear

beauty, leg, undergarment, lingerie, girl,Heavy duty body shaping underwear can lead to things like acid reflux and heartburn, because lots of excess pressure is being put on your stomach, restricting your internal organs and making the digestion process harder for your body to complete. In extreme cases it can even restrict your breathing.

5 Stilettos

high heeled footwear, footwear, shoe, human leg, sandal,If you were to see the position of your foot in a stiletto, but without the stiletto actually being there, you would be completely shocked! Not only is your foot contorted, but to achieve balance you have to pull forward slightly which over time can start to cause problems with neck and back muscles.

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