3 🌈 Retro Music-Inspired πŸ’‘ Looks πŸ‘€ You Can Try Today πŸ“† ...

Fashion looks inspired by music are timeless. Music has always played a big role in fashion. There are certain styles of music that also have their styles of dress. You instantly recognize mod, rockabilly or punk, for example, by the clothes.

For modern fashion looks, retro pieces paired with the right accessories can create an endless combination of looks for multiple occasions.

In this article we are going to focus on the retro music-inspired looks that work really well today. They are styles that have come back into fashion and are trending on runways everywhere. So, here are the top three looks you can try with fashion pieces and accessories that are easy to find and that you might even already have in your closet.

1. 90's Hip-Hop

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One of the most recent and recognizable fashion looks inspired by music is 90's hip-hop. You can never go wrong with looks from the 90's hip-hop era. They are simple and easy to apply, plus you probably already have most of the fashion pieces you need to construct different looks that draw inspiration from the period.

A pair of baggy jeans and a matching pair of fashion kicks are often all that you need to create a look that screams hip-hop. You may be tempted to wear skinny or fitted jeans to stay in tune with today’s trends, but a baggy pair of jeans works much better in creating that 90's look.

You can also go a couple of sizes bigger in tops. Pair a comfortable tank with a plus-size boyfriend shirt or a varsity jacket. Don’t hesitate to mix and match colors too, because 90s hip-hop was all about colorful rhymes and catchy beats. Alternatively, you can go monochrome by wearing all white or all black.

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