8 Fashion Mistakes Men Make ...


8 Fashion Mistakes Men Make ...
8 Fashion Mistakes Men Make ...

Fashion mistakes men make don’t get a lot of press coverage, do they? Tons and tons of magazine pages, tons of pro tips and advice to help us women look better and become pros at masking our flaws with just an occasional, “you too, fellas” – I’d say men have every right to feel left out. Let’s talk the fashion mistakes men make, then! Take these male fashion faux pas seriously if you’re a guy or forward them to someone that needs to start taking them seriously if you’re a girl.

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Mandals and Socks

Mandals or, if you prefer, man sandals are designed to be summer footwear and, as such, look extremely silly if worn with socks! Add a pair of military style baggy Bermudas and you’ve got yourself a description of every Average Joe you’re going to run into during summer months! Sounds familiar? Well, what can I say, of all the fashion mistakes men make, this may easily be the most common one! Don’t want your little piggies exposed? Opt for sneakers, loafers or, if you want or have to keep it classy and by the book, perforated leather shoes. Should you decide to go with mandals, the socks have to go.


Ill-Fitting Clothes

After years of playing a personal stylist slash shopping adviser for the dear husband, dear brother and dear male best friend, I feel I have the right to say one thing – most men aren’t so fussy when it comes to the way things fit! And while we’re stressing and shopping and trying out different cuts just to find the perfect one, they’re completely happy with the piece of clothing they’ve just bough even if it isn’t of ideal length, size or even worse, fit. The big shocker? At least 60% of men won’t turn around to check how their butt looks in a pair of jeans or notice the fabric in the crotch area bunching a bit more than it should. And don’t even get me started on the shoulder hems – isn’t there a rule that says the shoulder hem belongs on a shoulder?



Wrinkled clothing – husband calls it “summer style,” I’m calling it a male fashion faux pas he won’t be sporting in public as long as we are living under the same roof. Who’s right? Well, I am, at least according to Clinton and Stacey, two fashion experts you’re familiar with if you’re watching TLC’s What Not to Wear! Sporting clothespin marks is a huge no go to say the least, and yes – you should iron your shirt even if it’s going to get wrinkled again. Worn wrinkles are cool (even James Bond is not immune to those), the unironed look, in the other hand, isn’t and can make even the best of outfits and the most handsome of wearers look sloppy.


Clean & Stained

A stubborn stain won’t go away… but it doesn’t matter because the garment in question is clean and what is clean can be worn, right? Wrong! The stain needs to be removed before the item can be returned to active duty because it won’t be long before people start noticing the stained bit. You can get away with it once or twice but that’s pretty much it… unless you want to be known as the sloppy, stained guy 2 cubicles to the right, of course! Worst case scenario- you’ll need to give the item up… but that’s okay too, more clothes to wear around the house!


Mismatched Accessories and/or Shoes

The “black and brown don’t mix” rule might be an old one but it still plays a really big role in formal wear. Failing to match the color of your footwear and accessories with the color of your suit, as well as failing to color&fabric-coordinate the accessories are two of those male fashion don’ts stylists feel the need to warn folks about every now and then. If you’re opting for brown shoes, make sure your watch strap and belt are similarly brown (100% match is advised but not a must) and that the color of your suit does look good with brown accessories. Same thing goes for black – if going for black shoes, choose a matching belt and watch and make sure not to ruin the whole combo by donning a brown suit… or even worse, a white one. Feel free to experiment with colors, of course! A well-dressed man is not necessarily a traditionally dressed man! It’s these few male fashion faux pas you need to steer clear of, only.


Mismatched Matchy-Matchy

Let’s talk about another fashion mistake men make (yet women aren’t completely immune to, either) – like hoping to score a matching outfit by wearing two colors that share the same name but, unfortunately, nothing more than that. Like a warm, light beige and really pale cool blue, both of which are great individually but do not complement each other at all. Or, my hubby’s personal favorite, faded black and jet black, two totally different shades of green or pretty much any matchy-matchy color combo that should be foolproof (because it’s the same color, right?) but doesn’t really do anything but showcase how different the greens, blues, grays etc. in question are.


Logo Much?

A man dressed in perfectly tailored, perfectly fitted, perfectly smooth-looking designer duds sure is a sight for sore eyes! A man trying to look like an ad for a company selling those sleek designer duds, on the other hand, can give the casual onlooker a serious case of sore eyes! Notice the difference? Well, you know what to do! Quality above all, especially flashy designer labels! One logo or monogrammed piece per outfit will help you express your love for the brand in question, anything more than that is considered tacky.


Overdoing It

Last but not the least, one of those male fashion don’ts that make me cringe – overdoing! Like trying to emphasize a bad boy look (or whatever that look is called) by jumbling way too many Ed Hardy or Affliction pieces at once. I love the details and all but seriously – do you really need to be sporting an all over skull design? I guess not! And, speaking about too much, let’s discuss jewelry, shall we? Nineties are gone and it’s pretty obvious they won’t be coming back, which is why you may want to consider toning down your precious metal man bling. Leave the bracelet at home if you’re wearing a watch, wear a chain OR earrings and never ever wear more than one, maximum two rings at once. If, on the other hand, you prefer and wear only jewelry that is more of a fashion statement than a classic, gold or silver adornment, by all means, pile on, it can look very good!

Is there a fashion mistake men make you don’t see here but would love a few words on? Do share! And by that I don’t just mean hitting the comment box – share this post with all guys that could use a bit of improvement in the style department!

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Let's just face the facts. Some men are just plain old stupid. No matter what you tell them, they look good with their toes hanging out! All women can do is look better than them and be that dollar piece so that no one really pays any attention to him.

I once saw a guy wearing man uggs- I kid you not! It just looked wrong with his jeans tucked into them!!

Hate man lohos

Hate boys that where socks and mandals

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