7 Fashion Museums from around the World ...


7 Fashion Museums from around the World ...
7 Fashion Museums from around the World ...

I have come to the conclusion that I need to visit more fashion museums around the world. And there are 3 reasons that I have made this conclusion. 1. I love to travel. 2. I love fashion. 3. I love museums. It just makes sense that fashion museums around the world are my new vacation hotspots. Here are few of the top fashion museums around the world that should definitely be on your itinerary if you plan on traveling anytime soon.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute - New York City

Housing a collection of more than 35,000 costumes, the Met’s Costume Institute is a must see for fashion lovers. It holds two separate shows a year and is home to costumes by famous designers such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent (excuse me: Saint Laurent). Past exhibits have included Rock Style and Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy. But my personal favorite exhibit has to be this most recent one, “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty.


Fashion and Textile Museum – London

Founded only in 2003, this museum is dedicated to all things textile design. Known for the bright yellow, pink, blue and orange the outside is painted as, the museum hosts a variety of unique and interesting exhibits. They have hosted shows on the Little Black Dress, Swedish Fashion, and even Underwear. For any fashionista in London, this museum is a must-see.


The Gucci Museum – Florence

Actually opened by the luxury brand, this museum is dedicated to all things Gucci. Opened in Florence as homage to the origins of the designer, it houses some of the original leather items up until more modern collections. It has a few rotating exhibits with one permanent exhibit in which the preserved items from Gucci are compared with modern art. For any Gucci fan in Florence, this should definitely be on the itinerary.


The Beta Shoe Museum – Toronto

This museum is home to over 10,000 pairs of footwear from around the world. Opened in the 1940s, its collection has grown over the years to contain shoes from almost every culture in the world from all eras in history. Along with showcasing the shoes, the museum is also dedicated to researching the role footwear has in culture. For someone who is obsessed with shoes (like me) this definitely sounds awesome.


The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology – New York City

The FIT Museum is known for its innovative and awarded exhibits. It is home to more than 50,000 garments, ranging from the 18th century up until modern fashion. Those with an interest in the historical significance of clothing should defiantly check this museum out. But that doesn’t’ mean it doesn’t have any avant garde pieces.


The Victoria and Albert Museum – London

Located in London, the Victoria and Albert Museum is more than just fashion. It is home to all things clothing, art, and design. Not only does it have a fascinating exhibit on ballgowns (which I would probably die over) but it also includes hundreds of paintings, photographs, jewelry, furniture, and anything dealing with design.


The Costume Gallery – Florence

To Florence we go! The Costume Gallery in Florence houses clothing worn by Italian royal families in the 18th centuries up until modern day clothing. This museum is more about the historical aspect of clothing rather than the fashion aspect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the unique and beautiful clothing worn in the past.

Have you been to any fashion museums? What is your favorite fashion museum? What is an exhibit you would put in a fashion museum?

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4. The Beta Shoe Museum – Toronto (via Twitter)

Northampton Museum & Art Gallery in the UK is home to the world famous shoe collection. They have over 12,000 shoes and the collection was started back in 1873

7. The Costume Gallery – Florence (via Twitter)

7 FashionMuseums from around The World … (via Twitter)

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