7 Fashion Musts to Achieve Cher's Style from Clueless ...

I’ve admired Cher’s style from Clueless since I first watched and fell in love with the film. Cher was confident, quirky, and stunning in every scene of the movie! Cher’s style from Clueless is unique, but she definitely knows how to rock it! If you think you can too, here are all the fashion musts to achieve her style!

1. Plaid

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What’s most iconic about Cher’s style from clueless is her incorporation of plaid into almost all of her outfits! Who can forget that classic yellow, plaid outfit Cher wore the first day we watched her rule her Beverly Hills high school? If Cher is your fashion idol, you’ll need to wear tons of plaid skirts and blazers. If you can make it work, you’ll look totally fierce!

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