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You can't have a "New year, new me" without a few new additions to your wardrobe. But who has the time to shop anymore? Malls are always hectic and crowded. Even online, the options are overwhelming and you might never find what you're looking for. That's why fashion subscription boxes are the wave of the future.

1. Wantable

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Wantable is the one-stop shop for fashion subscription boxes. They have two types of subscriptions: collections and edits. For collections boxes, you pay a fee of $36-50 for either makeup, accessories, or intimates. You'll receive a box tailor-made for you every month and can decide to keep or return the items you get. The edits require a styling fee of $20 for clothing and athletic attire, however that fee can go toward paying for any of the five items you receive. You only need to pay for what you want and can return what you don't want free of charge!

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