8 Fashion Tips for Petite Women ...

When I first met Caroline Misan Alvo, I knew she was exactly the right person to chat up to get fashion tips for petite women – she’s petite herself, and looked so stylish and smashing! She’s also the founder and CEO of Gambita, offering uber-fashionable clothes made just for petites – including my own petite style pet peeve, jeans! If you’re 5’4” or under, and you’ve always had a hard time finding clothes that fit and flatter, keep reading! Here’s a bit of my interview with Caroline, loaded with fashion tips for petite women.

1. Necklines Matter

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One of Caroline’s first fashion tips for petite women is all about the neckline. V-necks and scoops necks help elongate your look, and flatter your petite frame. Take a peek at the flattering v-neck and cutouts on this darling white dress… the neckline is so flattering!

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