10 Fashion Trends for the Fall 2011 ...

Fashion Trends do come and go and it’s no secret they are sometimes too far-out to be followed through either, but the good news is that the best of them tend to come back or at least stick around for more than just one season. Now, I’m sure you couldn’t resist all those summer sales and are now wondering which fashion trends are here to stay and could your fabulous finds be of use. Well, the answer is definitely and undoubtedly “YES!” and since you could end up looking fab by recycling more than just your latest, summer wardrobe, I suggest you to stick around and read this post on 10 upcoming fall fashion trends:

1. Mustard

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I won’t blame you in case you decide to turn a blind eye on this one because I too believe mustard shade clashes with my pale, winter skin tone! If you, however, think mustard is the right shade for you, definitely go for it girl as this is THE color to wear this fall! Choose matte pieces in case you need to update your everyday wardrobe or opt for shiny “goldenish” fabrics to wear in the evening.

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