7 Fashion Trends to Love from NY Fashion Week ...

Fashion trends from New York Fashion Week are something I look forward to eagerly twice every year and sure enough, the Sping/Summer 2013 collection did not disappoint. From sporty accents, to oversize silhouettes, to cut out details, to statement stripes, this season's collection was a kaleidoscope of colors, prints and unforgettable designs. If I had to use one word to describe NYFW's spring/summer collection, BOLD would be it. And now, for the 7 fashion trends to love from NYFW....Enjoy!

1. M for Metallic

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I've always had a not so secret crush on all things shiny and boy was I glad to see more than a dash of metallics during NYFW's Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Of course, going OTT with this trend can make you look like Tin Man, so keep it simple by pairing your metallic separates with casual pieces to create a balance.

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