7 Fashion Trends to Take from Vogue's September Issue ...

Fall Fashion Trends are filling the minds of Fashionistas all over the world. Vogue’s September Issue graced news stands in the middle of August and has turned our minds into dreaming everything Fall Fashion. I got my copy as soon as it hit the shelf, after seeing it had 916 pages of pure beauty and bliss I knew I would need an entire pot of Creamy Earl Grey to get me through. Fall Fashion Trends are by far my favorite. Warm, Cozy, Comfortable and Edgy, I couldn’t be more excited for the first golden leaf to fall from our trees. Here are 7 Fall Fashion Trends I took from Vogue’s September Issue...

1. Leopard

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Still loud and proud, the Leopard Trend is here to stay for our cooler and darker seasons, Fall and Winter. With ads sporting the trend by Louis Vuitton and J. Crew, they both must feel that the sassy print is here to stay.... at least for another 6 months anyways.

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