8 Fashionable Clothes for Rainy Days ...

Clothes for rainy days don’t really make up much of our wardrobes. But when it does pour down, you’ll want something to keep all that rain off. Umbrellas are fine but to really protect your clothes, something like a raincoat can provide better coverage. The problem is your run-of-the-mill raincoat isn’t always that fashionable. However, there are some rather acceptable rainy day clothes available out there. Take a look at just a few stylish clothes for rainy days below.

1. Topshop Basic Pac-a-Parka

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Price: $48.00 at us.topshop.com
This peach coloured parka easily packs into a small carry bag, making it perfect for stashing away in your bag. It’s water resistant so perfect for protecting you against light showers. The pastel colour is quite on-trend, and you could almost mistake it for one of this season’s must-have sporty jackets.

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