7 Utterly Delightful and Fashionable Kimono-style Jackets ...

Kimono style jackets would make an on-trend addition to your wardrobe this season. Eastern style influences have been making their way into fashion over the past few seasons and a kimono jacket is an easy way to incorporate these trends into your look. They’re a little bit luxe, and are the perfect statement-maker. Check out a few kimono style jackets, below.

1. Black Kimono

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If you’re not too sure how to style kimono jackets then start with a basic black variety. Rather than being a statement jacket, black kimono style jackets can easily slide into your existing wardrobe. Work a modern look by teaming a black kimono jacket, like this 3.1 Philip Lim version, with leather leggings and ankle boots. While this particular jacket is quite expensive, check out your usual chain store suspects for more affordable buys.

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