10 Fashionable Movies That Will Inspire Your Wardrobe ...


When it comes to fashionable movies, there's a wealth to choose from. Fashion is inextricably linked to film, just as it is to music, art, even architecture. It's a relationship where both parties benefit; film often influences the trends on the catwalk, whilst there are those films (SATC anyone?) whose appeal comes in no small part from the amazing clothes worn on set. So, if you're looking for a little cinematic inspiration, here are ten wonderful fashionable movies to inspire your wardrobe.

1. Annie Hall


When speaking of fashionable movies, there are those that are inspiring simply because of the sheer luxury and scale of the costume department; then there are those where that one outfit is immortalised in our collective fashion consciousness forever. Annie Hall is the latter; as Diane Keaton's Annie brought a new meaning to masculine tailoring with her shirt, trousers and tie - and obligatory fedora, of course.

The Devil Wears Prada
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