7 Fashionable Sweaters That Will Keep You Comfortable in Air Conditioned Buildings ...

Even though it is hot outside in the summer, you still need fashionable sweaters on hand to keep from freezing in air conditioned buildings. Have you ever stepped into a building in the summer and been greeted with a blast of cold air? This happens to me all the time. To deal with the air conditioning, I always carry a sweater with me, which keeps me from freezing. If you need some fashionable sweaters so you can stay comfortable in air conditioned buildings, the following from Anthropologie will keep you from freezing while also keeping you stylish.

1. Moonrise Cardigan

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The Moonrise Cardigan from Angel of the North is just one of the many fashionable sweaters you will find at Anthropologie. This crocheted cardigan is lightweight and absolutely fabulous. The cutout detail on the back is perfect for summer because it gives the cardigan a light and airy feel.

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