7 Favorite Fitness Brands for Looking Good While Working out ...

Every time I go shopping, no matter what I’m supposed to be shopping for, I always end up scoping out each store, searching for my favorite fitness brands. Does this store have Lucy, or Adidas, or Zaggora? Does that store carry Life is Good, or Under Armour? You’d think with as much running gear as I have, I’d be satisfied, but I’m always hunting out the latest, greatest, and – I must confess it here – most stylish fitness brands. What? I can be a fashionista and a fitness freak… and so can you! Here’s a short list of my favorite fitness brands, all of them currently occupying my top dresser drawer, ready for a run.

1. Zaggora

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Favorite Product: Fold-Over HotPants Capris

I’d seen Zaggora advertised for months before I tried on my first pair, and now I’m a complete convert. I won’t wear anything else, and now Zaggora is at the tip-top of the list of my favorite fitness brands! They feel good and – this may sound shallow, but here goes – whoa mama, do they look good! And there’s more – these HotPants actually harness your body heat to help you burn more calories during your workout. I’m not kidding – they’re amazing!

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