7 Flawless Long Sleeve Dresses That Are Great for Winter ...


Because of their practicality (when paired with the right clothing finds), I've become completely addicted to wearing long sleeve dresses this winter. I used to fear buying these type of dresses because I was not sure how flattering they would be. After seeing so many people rock this trend flawlessly, I decided to give it a try and am ecstatic at how amazing they are! I love that you can execute wearing a dress during this cold season and still manage to stay warm by pairing it with thick tights or leggings (there's no shame in layers). Check out these lovely long sleeve dresses that are perfect for winter!

1. Forever 21 Coming up Roses a-Line Dress

Forever 21 Coming up Roses a-Line Dress

From its striking red and pink printed roses to the slimming silhouette, this has become one of my favorite long sleeve dresses. I'm obsessed with A-line dresses and skirts because of how they accentuate your waist and skim over everything else. I fell in love with the print to the point that I purchased this despite not being a major fan of turtle necklines.

Old Navy Women's Marled Sweater Dress
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