Florals, Stripes, Plaid - Here's What Your Fav Pattern Says about You ...

Are you mad for plaid? Do you have a penchant for paisley? Prints and patterns add personality and pizzazz to any ensemble, but your favorite pattern can also reveal some interesting things about you, which TJ Maxx and Marshalls are more than happy to share. Wearing patterns in the first place suggests a bold personality and a confident, daring nature. The particular prints you love reveal even more. Check out what Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, Clothes-ologist extraordinaire, has to say on the subject.

1. Flaunt Your Femininity in Florals

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Women are romanticizing about floral prints this spring. In fact, according to a recent survey from T.J.Maxx and Marshalls, this feminine, classic pattern ranked top of her list. That’s no surprise given that wearing florals means you are someone who is not afraid to accentuate your beauty and femininity. From abstract to traditional floral patterns, there are a wide range of styles to complement your inner beauty, which can be found at stores like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls.

Number one pattern for spring: FLORALS!

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