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What kinds of tattoos do you have? Flowers seem to be a pretty popular choice and with so many colors and varieties, there's sure to be a flower tattoo that catches your eye. Flowers are a great ink choice because they are feminine, but you can also give them an edge at the same time. If you're considering a flower tattoo, check out what this list has to offer and I think you'll find your next tattoo right here.

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Elbow Rose

clothing,thigh,arm,leg,abdomen, Via 50 Eye-Catching Wrist Tattoo Ideas ...
A rose is a great choice for a flower tattoo. Get it done in black like this one or have some color added.


Vintage Anchor

flower,arm,tattoo,leg,hand, Via Vintage Anchor temporary tattoo 3x2"
You don't have to go with just flowers if there's something else you want to combine with them. This looks pretty awesome, don't you think?

Frequently asked questions

Flower tattoos are super popular because they are beautiful, have deep meanings, and add a touch of nature. Plus, they come in so many designs and colors, making them a perfect way to express personal style.

Some popular choices include roses, lilies, lotuses, cherry blossoms, and sunflowers. Each flower has its own symbolism, so you can pick one that resonates with you.

The arm is a favorite spot for many women because you can show it off or keep it hidden when you want. Other good places include the wrist, shoulder, ankle, and back.

It really depends on your pain tolerance and where you get it. Areas with more flesh, like the upper arm or thigh, usually hurt less than bonier spots like the wrist or ankle.

Think about flowers that have personal meaning or appeal to you aesthetically. Also, consider the style—do you prefer colorful and vibrant or black and grey? Consulting with a talented tattoo artist can also help you find the perfect design!


Shoulder Bouquet

tattoo,arm,hand,finger,human body, Via 32 Beautiful Rose Tattoos for ...
The shoulder is a sexy place to get some flowers tattooed.


With a Saying

tattoo,arm,flower,chest, Via 23 Stunningly Subtle Disney Tattoos
Add a saying to your flower for something that's really meaningful to you.


On Your Back

tattoo,close up,pattern,arm,design, Via Chen Jie, tattoo artist | ...
Here's what I love about this placement. You can show it off with low backed clothing or cover most of it up if you want or need to.



clothing,tattoo,leg,thigh,arm, Via Peony. (Tattoologist)
Peonies are one of my favorite flowers and a thigh placement is ideal.


Just a Touch of Color

clothing,flower,arm,petal,skin, Via Lotus flower tattoo
Isn't it cool how this dark flower has just the right amount of color?


Surrounding a Poem

tattoo,arm,organ,hand,human body, Via 50 Examples of Girly Tattoo ...
Do you have a poem that has special meaning to you? Most people do. That makes it a fabulous choice for adding to your flower tattoo.


Tattoo and Piercing Combination

nose,face,ear,cheek,earrings, Via Tattoo and Piercing Combinations | ...
Isn't this adorable? It's a fun way to get some ink without being too obvious.


Bright Blue

arm,tattoo,flower,illustration,sketch, Via #flower #tattoo
I love the bright blue of this tattoo! What do you think of it?


Pink Roses

color,pink,person,purple,photography, Via Beautiful Flowers Tattoo on Shoulder ...
Black roses are fantastic, but you have to admit that pink ones are pretty great too.


California Poppy

tattoo,arm,flower,drawing,sketch, Via 50 Mindblowing Tattoo Designs For ...
I love the look and placement of this ink.


Flower Sleeve

tattoo,arm,pattern,design,hand, Via Awesome Or Cool Tattoos and ...
I don't think I'm brave enough to get a tattoo sleeve, but if I was, this would be one of my top choices.


With Some Lace

finger,arm,pattern,hand,nail, Via 45+ Lace Tattoos for Women ...
Could anything be more feminine, but still rock star, than a lacy and flowery tattoo? Love it!


Large Vintage Roses

pattern,mehndi,design,arm,henna, Via Large vintage roses floral temporary ...
This might be a temporary, but you could use it for inspiration when the time comes to get your real ink.


Lots of Color

flower,pink,tattoo,arm,spring, Via bloglovin.com
I love how all the colors blend together to make this bouquet look fantastic.


Back Tattoo

hair,clothing,lady,beauty,hairstyle, Via Syl and Sam: My first ...
A back tattoo like this is fabulous when you wear a dress backless dress.


flower,pink,plant,tattoo,arm, Via Community Post: 28 Incredible Watercolor ...
This stem of flowers look like it's blowing in the wind. it's different than so many of the other flower tattoos you see.


Those Water Drops Look so Real

tattoo,arm,human body,chest, Via 50 Mindblowing Tattoo Designs For ...
If you want a tattoo that's as detailed as this one, do your homework before you choose a tattoo artist.


Brightly Colored Poppies

flower,tattoo,arm,petal,human body, Via 32 Cool And Colorful Tattoos ...
This would definitely be a tattoo I'd consider if I was going to get another one. What do you think?


Black and White Lotus Flower

tattoo,pattern,arm,skin,design, Via 45 Awesome Lotus Flower Tattoo ...
This simple lotus flower with tribal designs is cool and edgy at the same time.


Two Matching Tattoos

leg,arm,thigh,hand,human body, Via buzzfeed.com
It's fun to get your tattoo in two parts so that you can put it together like this when the mood strikes.


Check out the Colors

tattoo,red,flower,arm,tattoo artist, Via G&T Magazine - Online Magazine ...
I can't get enough of the fabulous colors that make up this tattoo. Lovely, isn't it?


On Your Foot

mehndi,pattern,design,leg,henna, Via Best Flowers Tattoo Designs - ...
Your foot is another great palette for a flower tattoo. A rose is wonderful, but any flower will do.


As an Accessory

hair,hairstyle,pink,petal,flower, Via Gallery & Inspiration | Picture ...
If you want something that doesn't require a big commitment, try a temporary tattoo to see if it's something you can live with forever.


Pink and Black

tattoo,flower,arm,pattern,human body, Via incrediblesnaps.com
You can never go wrong with a flower tattoo that's pink and black. Love the swirls!


Watercolor Tattoo

finger,tattoo,skin,arm,hand, Via 20 Watercolor tattoos | Tattoodo.com
I'm a huge fan of these realistic looking tattoos!


Skull and Flower Combo

tattoo,arm,pattern,muscle,back, Via Lilies and skull by BlackRavenSWE ...
Check out the skull at the bottom! What a fantastic way to balance the flowers with something tough and edgy.


My Only Sunshine

tattoo,arm,leg,thigh,abdomen, Via 45 Inspirational Sunflower Tattoos | ...
Isn't this adorable? The sunflower would be great with some color added too.


Tiny Lotus Flower

tattoo,pattern,arm,leg,design, Via 43 Attractive Lotus Flower Tattoo ...
This tiny flower is perfect if you want a tattoo, but prefer something small and simple.

Do you have any flower tattoos? Do you want to get one now?

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Personally I would be soooo nervous if I decided to get a large tattoo. It would most likely turn out ok but I would be nervous to get it! Gotta give credit to all the classy ladies hat can pull those off!

I love the ear tattoo with the earing

I don't understand how people get large tattoos it just ruin their body image and take away the natural beauty especially on women. Small tattoos like the lotus flower are elegant and beautiful.

The tiny lotus flower is my fav. I never really liked big obnoxious tats on women.

I'm 41 and the only regret I have is not having more - which I will be rectifying shortly. All of my thirteen tattoos are floral ... And no if you spend time choosing ones you love and not fads or fashion statements, you don't regret them ! And yes I work in a good job ! And yes three of my tattoos are on my inner arms side of arm and wrist and no one bats an eyelid. My advice to the young quines - don't get words or phrases written, don't have cartoons that look cute when your 18 but naff at 30, don't have fads that everyone has ( like the infinity or " believe" or " just breathe" ( who doesn't do THAT??) be original, and love your design, take some time to find the right tattoo artist as well. Oh and as for stretching of designs ? Total bs ! My rib/ stomach ones were completely fine through pregnancy .

Hope they don't regret it. Not like a bad hair cut or dye job...

Tattoos are too permanent they should not be on ladies? My tattoo stands for something permanent and should be just as permanent. You have no right to tell anyone that they shouldn't have tattoos because they are a lady, some of the best people I have ever met have lots of tattoos.

Be careful where you put them one of my girlfriends got a tree frog on her hip in college, 25 years later it looks more like a bull frog!!!

Tattoo's are too permanent they should not be on ladies .

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