Forget Front Cleavage - Tips for Showing Side Boob ...

You don't have to show off frontal cleavage when you could show off side boob. All the celebrities do it, and you can, too! You just have to be careful with how you go about it, because it's a little less common to see and a little more easy to have a clothing malfunction. However, it can look super sexy when you do it right, so if you want to try it, here are a few tips for showing side boob:

1. Wear a Tank That's Low under the Arms

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The best way to show off side boob in the summertime is to wear a tank top that's low under the arms. Instead of placing a bandeau bra underneath like you usually would, just let your breasts breathe. As long as the arm holes aren't too wide or low, then you won't overexpose yourself. You'll be able to strike a sexy balance.

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