3. Buy Neutral Colors

Buy Neutral Colors

Yes, that green pair of pants is very cute, but most likely, it’s a temporary trend which will bore you after a few months. Instead, try to stick with neutral colors, which you can accessorize with some colorful items. Neutral colors include black, the whites, browns and navy.

When you stick to these colors, you will have endless combinations in your wardrobe, because all pieces can be matched together. If you want to freshen up the look, you can add a colorful scarf, but even your make-up can do a lot for your outfit. Lush, red lips and red manicured nails go a long way. If you think that neutral colors are boring, think again. Nothing is better than a crisp, white outfit in spring and summer, while your black and brown outfits are perfect for colder seasons.

Buy Quality, Not Quantity
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