7 Frilly Frocks for Summer ...

Though the weather hasnโ€™t exactly been cooperating, summer is almost here, so it will soon be time to break out all of the frilly frocks and darling dressesโ€ฆ you know, once itโ€™s warm enough and it stops raining! If the rain and chill has you feeling a little down, too, cheer up by checking out a few of these frilly frocks for summer!

1. Pretty in the Piazza Dress

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Price: $104.99 at modcloth.com
What a pretty dress, the perfect frilly frock for summer! Note the eyelet-inspired bodice, and the mint-green lace-edged skirt. Itโ€™s short and sweet, like a perfect mint-chocolate chip ice cream cone. Wear it to a summer wedding, or for a day of shopping downtownโ€ฆ but donโ€™t forget your cardi, in case it gets chilly!

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