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Graduation season is tough when it comes to fashion. You can never predict the weather, a lot of the time your gown is covering up your outfit, and you don’t want to show up wearing the same outfit as someone else. Rather than spend the next month of your life worrying about your fashion choices, read this list. You’ll be able to enjoy this time in your life without worrying for a second about your fashion woes.

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Don’t Wear a Maxi Dress with Your Gown

This seems like the easiest, most obvious tip in the world, though. However, you’d be surprised how many people I’ve spoken to who planned to wear a maxi dress to graduation until they realized that their gown wouldn’t exactly cover the whole maxi dress. That realization left my friends scrambling to find a shorter dress that they loved at the last minute. If the maxi dress issue hadn’t occurred to you either, start rethinking your graduation day outfit!


Be as Low-Maintenance as Possible

Your graduation day can be very hard to control for a number of reasons. There are a ton of other people graduating with you, it’s either spring or early summer, which means that the weather can be quite unpredictable, and chances are, emotions will be running wild. If you’re like me, your inability to control your graduation day will stress you out. Let go of your worries. Don’t worry about how your hair looks underneath your cap (unless you’re mid-photo op) and don’t worry about your makeup melting off of your face. The lower-maintenance you are when it comes to your look, the happier your memories of the day will be!


Dress for the Weather

Like I said before, graduation season falls at a particularly unpredictable time of the year, weather-wise. Don’t plan your outfits too far in advance because you can never be sure what the weather will be like. When I graduated from high school, it was only the second week in May, so I expected spring weather. However, we had an uncharacteristically warm week, and the temperature creeped up to around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It was not an ideal situation for my hair or makeup, but had I known to track the weather in advance, I could’ve planned to wear waterproof makeup, a little more hairspray, and maybe a cotton dress!


Practice with Your Cap

Graduation caps do not look great on everyone. I am one of those people. Luckily, I tried my cap on a week or two before graduation and had that realization. I spent a night before I graduated practicing different hairstyles with my cap on. Your graduation cap is a focal point of your graduation look, so style your hair in a way that you think flatters your entire look!


Save Your Least Favorite Outfits for when You’re Wearing Your Gown

Let’s be honest here. Very few people will see the outfit you’re wearing underneath your gown. Most of the day will be spent in your graduation gown, so don’t plan to wear your favorite dress on a day that you’ll spend covering it up! Graduation is obviously one of the biggest events of the season, so a lot of people save their favorite outfit for that day without realizing that no one will see it!


Step up Your Shoe Game

When you have the same gown on as the rest of your graduating class, the only way you can express your individual style is by wearing a great pair of shoes. Graduation day is the day to step up your shoe game!


Don’t Worry about Your School Colors

No matter what type of graduation event it is, a lot of people try to incorporate their school colors into their fashion choices. If you don’t love your school colors, don’t worry about wearing them when you’re celebrating your graduate. Wear the colors that you feel most confident in, because you did it! You graduated!

How are you preparing your fashion choices for graduation season? Give other girls some tips in the comments!

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I would suggest not wearing heels because you don't know (in my case) how long you would have wait for the ceremony to begin(we were standing for at least an hour and a half), or how far we had to walk from our seat to the stage. We had over 1,000 people graduating.

I graduated in jeans because I don't really like dresses but I think #4 is a great tip

This is really good!!!

I think a lot of people forget the importance of shoes being comfortable!

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