7 Fruit-Inspired Fashions You'll Want to Serve up with Your Outfits ...

Forget florals, this season is all about fruit-inspired fashions. Fruit inspired clothes have been popping up everywhere lately with a number of designers and affordable fashion brands having jumped on board this delectable bandwagon. The look is fun and quirky, and screams “I’m ready to go on vacation now, thanks”. Sound good? Then check out our pick of fruit-inspired fashions to drool over this season.

1. Mother of Pearl Silk-Appliquéd Mini Dress

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Make a statement in fruit-inspired fashions this season. This crisp white mini dress by Mother of Pearl features on-trend fruit appliqué patterns and bold monochromatic stripes. Wear it with espadrilles and oversized sunglasses for a summery daytime look, worthy of the French Riviera.

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