7 Fun Fashion Ideas Based on Cartoon Characters ...

If you're looking for a playful way to change up your look, perhaps you should consider coming up with fashion ideas based on cartoon characters. It might sound like a strange way to put together an outfit, but just think of all the good feels that you'll get when you use your wardrobe to pay homage to some of your favorite toons (nostalgia is one hell of a drug). And do we ever really grow out of loving cartoons? If you're struggling to come up with an animated outfit idea of your own, here are some fashion ideas based on cartoon characters to get you started:

1. Ariel from "the Little Mermaid"

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No, I'm not saying that you should strut down the street in a seashell bra! You can just reference Ariel's iconic look by wearing a purple crop top with a pair of green skinny jeans and green ballet flats. This look is perfect for redheads, obvs. If you really want to sell it, carry a yellow or red purse to represent one of Ariel's companions from under the sea, friendly fish Flounder or crusty crustacean Sebastian. Ariel had an adventurous, curious spirit, so this is one of the best fashion ideas based on cartoon characters for a gal who is looking for a whole new world to explore.

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