7 Fun Fashion Labels That Don't Take Things Too Seriously ...

The most fun fashion labels are the ones that don’t take themselves too seriously. From pop culture parodies to tongue-in-cheek fashion, plenty of labels are lightening and brightening up the mood with their designs. If you prefer your fashion on the lighthearted side of things, these days you’ll find a range of designer and boutique labels full of quirky and kitsch charm. Check out my list of fun fashion labels that don’t seem to take things too seriously.

1. Moschino

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Kicking off our list of fun fashion labels is Moschino, which has long had a reputation for its quirky, colourful, and eccentric designs. Jeremy Scott was recently appointed creative director for the brand and his debut collection, which showed at Milan Fashion Week, featured fast food motifs plastered over clothes and accessories. It was an over-the-top introduction for the designer but one that definitely got tongues wagging.

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