9 Fun Ways to Bring out Your Inner Rock Chick ...

I fully believe every woman has an inner rock chick just dying to come out and play. From changing up your look to acting like a rock goddess, it's insanely fun to rock what you've got. While the actually rock chick look varies greatly, it's all about looking cool and feeling like the nonchalant cool kid. I say let your inner rock chick out and stop holding back.

1. Tousled Hair

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I'm a little OCD about my hair. Every piece should lay down perfectly. When I stop being Little Miss Perfect, I strive for rock chick hair. Basically, you want a slightly toned down just got out of bed look. If you really want to please your inner rock chick, add some neon highlights or go all out with a fun pixie cut that's easy to spike. Your hair should never look like you're trying too hard.

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