7 Garments Guys like on Girls and Wouldn't Mind Seeing on Us More Often ...

Clothes guys like on girls rarely end up being clothes girls like on girls! And while it’s no secret that girls actually dress to impress other girls, we have to agree thinking about outfits guys like is important as well. Now, I don’t know how big of an issue finding a best date outfit is for you, but here are some tips to help you have a better idea of what a guy would love to see you in:

1. Jeans

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From skinny to boot cut from distressed to classic blue – jeans definitely deserve to be on every list of clothes guys like on girls! You’ll get his attention regardless of the footwear you choose to pair them with and manage to look absolutely fabulous just anywhere. This fantastic garment grants him clear view of your body (which guys really appreciate) without actually revealing anything, looks more put together than a track suit when worn with sneakers and can be played up with heels for a party or a drink. A girl that wears jeans is, in most guys’ mind, fun and great to be around so definitely go with these in case you want to be seen as girl next door.

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