3 Genius 💡 Outfit Boards for Women Rocking 🤘🏼 Red Lipstick 💄 and Red Nails 💅 ...

Matching lipstick and nail polish? It's generally accepted as normal approach to your daily make up. But how about red and red? I mean would you dare to play such a bold lipstick and nails game? Is this look your personal brand or you avoid it at all costs as kind of "too much" fashion disaster or some archaic look? I would like to argue that - when done wisely - this bold combination has a truly powerful positive effect on your look. Here's my solution that can be used by women of all fashion tastes and for any occasion. Really, you will love it!

1. Here's My Example

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Here is an outfit very similar to my real outfit that I like to wear :)

What rules did I follow?

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