11 Gifts for the Well Styled Guy ...


Have you ever tried to find a gift for a well styled guy? If yes, you too know that shopping for guys can be relatively easy if they fall into the sports, gadget, and power tool loving categories. But if the guy you’re shopping for is a bit more particular, prefers loafers over sneakers, blazers over hoodies, you just might have a harder time finding the perfect gift. Here are my 11 Gifts for The Well Styled Guy to make your search easier…

1. Black Rebel Swatch

Black Rebel Swatch

Price: $65.00 at store.swatch.com

This ultra stylish all-black watch is sleek, modern and oh so cool! The guy sporting this watch is so confident in his own style he doesn’t need fancy bells and whistles. It doesn’t have to glow in the dark or tell him the phase of the moon. It tells time while being the coolest thing ever to grace his wrist. Plus, it’ll go with anything he wears.

Bēhance Action Journal
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