Girl's Guide on How to Turn Your Closet into One of Your Best Sources of Income ...


Girl's Guide on How to Turn Your Closet into One of Your Best Sources of Income ...
Girl's Guide on How to Turn Your Closet into One of Your Best Sources of Income ...

You've heard of the success stories of women cleaning out their closets and finding clothes that they don't want anymore or buying clothes for cheap at their local thrift store and selling them on Poshmark, eBay, or Amazon and going on to own their own clothing companies and even having their own movies based off of their success. But how did they do it? Well, whether you're struggling to get your online store off the ground or thinking about starting one and just don't know where to start in this article I'm going to show you just how these women built their online clothing empires.

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Do Your Research

Make sure you do your research on lesser-known designer labels (I said lesser-known labels because people will obviously know the worth of a Chanel or Louis Vuitton). People in thrift stores tend not to pay attention to the labels. Take advantage of that, and do your research.


Don't Be Afraid of the Thrift Store

A lot of women don't shop at thrift stores because they think that they don't have good quality clothing. But you'd be surprised at what you could find in one. One girl once bought a fur coat for $4 and sold it for $1,000.


Invest in Real Vintage Pieces

Look into investing in authentic vintage pieces one woman bought a vintage dress for 750 dollars at an auction and it's now worth thousands. But beware of the fakes, that's why it pays to do your research beforehand. If not, someone could scam you out of a pretty penny.


Wash, Clean, Iron Repeat

Make sure the items you're trying to sell are thoroughly cleaned and always read the instructions on the label before cleaning so you don't ruin the piece of clothing you're trying to sell.


Make Your Photos Look as Professional as Possible

Try to make your photos as professional as possible. Don't just take a blurry picture of shirt you trying to sell in your closet. Take photos where there's good lighting and position the item so it shows off its best features. Don't list the item if it's something you wouldn't buy.

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