Giveaway Winner Sephora 50 Gift Card ...

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Giveaway Winner Sephora 50 Gift Card ...

It's time for round three in our giveaway contest for a Sephora $50 gift card! We want to thank all of our fabulous readers and Facebook stalkers...we are now up to 15,000 plus fans! So if you aren't one of our facebook fans, well what are you waiting for, head on over so you can enter this awesome giveaway...
What Would You Buy For a Friend or Family Member...
Update: Giveaway Closed We have a Winner!
We're so happy to announce that Meredith has won our Sephora $50 Gift Card Giveaway that we hosted to thank our wonderful readers and facebookfans! We hope you get to pamper yourself and enjoy! Happy Holidays and thank you to everyone who entered, tomorrow we will be posting our last Sephora giveaway, don't forget to check out our giveaway pagefor more goodies!
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What would you buy for a friend or family member with your Sephora $50.00 Gift Card? Perhaps for a birthday or for one of the winter holidays coming up you would like to buy a new fragrance likeCK One Shock for Him for that special guy in your life. It is said that the style of the guy who wears CK one Shock is energetic, sexy, and smooth, I think this might be under the tree for my husband this year!
How to Enter...
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Wouldn't this be a lovely gift for a new mom, Philopsophy Welcome Babygift set featuring Hope in a Jar, Purity Made Simple, Pure Grace Foaming Bath and Shower Cream, and Pure Grace Body Lotion, all to help make the new mom feel more relaxed. Stalkers, for one entry to win this wonderful giveaway **leave a comment below letting us know what you would buy for a friend or family member with your **Sephora $50.00 gift card and please remember to let us know that you like us on facebook!

Again we love all of our Stalkers, but this giveaway is only open for those in the US...thank you! xoxo

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I would buy my brother his favorite cologne CK One. I introduced it to him way back when (: i already liked you on facebook!

I'd buy my Mom a lipstick coz she can't leave the house without them on and buy my sister a nail polish on her fave color.

I am a facebook fan & I would use the gift card to buy my sister a new supply of Bare Escentuals BareMinimals powders that I give her every year! The โ€œPutting on the Glitzโ€ is a fun version of the product I usually get her! This year it would be even more significant to win this card because all of my funds have been going towards my July 2012 wedding & I know thatโ€™s where her funds have been going too! I want to thank my Maid of Honor with a gift to pamper herself! :)

I also like you on FaceBook!

I'm going to get some urban decay gift set for my mom!! and btw i always stalk you on fb and give comments as well :D

I LOVE STALKERS....just not in my yard. Honestly I would buy some "smell pretty" which is what my daughter use to call perfume. As an only parent, there are no weekends off and no extra paycheck, no body to say ' oh let me do that for you '. I love my child and we are closer than bestfriends....but...but sometimes I wanna remember me. That sounds easy but its not. A free $50 whoa...mommy wants to Be Pretty, smell pretty......ohhhh SHOW ME THEEE MONEYYYY!!

i'd buy nail polish sets! i like you on facebook btw!

I would buy my cousins and aunts in India basic things like pressed powder and eyeliner. There isn't a Sephora over there yet, and it is hard to find makeup products that are safe and not too expensive :( My aunts and cousins always wonder how other people's make up looks so good and flawless, SO I want to essentially teach them how to use makeup!

I would buy my sister the Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve because she is the rose of my life and I know that she would enjoy it as much as I do. Facebook like? Check.