Glam Ways to Figure out What Colors Go with Your Skin-tone ...


Glam Ways to Figure out What Colors Go with Your Skin-tone ...
Glam Ways to Figure out What Colors Go with Your Skin-tone ...

Have you ever wondered why certain colours look better on you than others, or why you simply burn while your friend turns a nice golden brown every time you tan together? We have all the answers for you and more! Keep reading to find out 😊 😃

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Jewellery Test

One way to tell what colours go with your skin tone is to think about what jewellery looks best on you: silver or gold? This may not necessarily be which one you like wearing most - but which one looks best against your skin tone. Typically women with cool undertones look best in silver and platinum whereas warm-toned women suit gold.


Neutral Test

Neutrals are probably the easiest colours for women to wear regardless of their skin tone as they're often versatile and easy to pull off. However, certain shades of neutral will look better on you than others. If your skin, eyes and face looks best bright white and black hues you're most likely cool-toned, or if they look best in ivory, off-whites, brown and tan shades then you're most likely warm-toned.


To truly dazzle in neutrals, consider the depth of color that complements your complexion. Cool-toned individuals can embrace lighter shades like silvery gray and charcoal, which highlight their undertones. On the other hand, warm-toned ladies will shine in rich taupes and camels that enhance the golden notes in their skin. It’s also worth mixing textures within your neutral palette. A smooth ivory silk blouse could look stunning against a rough wool brown skirt, creating a sophisticated ensemble that resonates with your intrinsic coloring.


Eye and Hair Colour

Warm-toned women will usually have brown, amber or hazel eyes with either strawberry blonde, black, brown or red hair. This means that their hair usually has yellow, red, gold or orange undertones. On the other hand, women will usually have blue, green or grey eyes with either blonde, brown or black hair. This will speak of silver, ash, violet, blue and ash undertones.


Best Colours

Have you ever noticed how some colours look better on you than others and are way easier to pull off? Well, your natural colouring definitely plays a part in this! Cool-toned women should lean towards wearing purple, pink, magenta, blue, and green as these shades look best with your skin tone. On the other hand, warm-toned women should opt for orange, brown, ivory and yellow as these will look best on you!


Celeb Comparison

Knowing a few celebs which also share your natural colouring can be super helpful when it comes to fashion, as often what looks great against their skin tone can be a great way of knowing what will look great against yours! Some celebs that are cool-toned are Cara Delevingne, Cameron Diaz, Scarlet Johansson, Lucy Liu and Anne Hathaway. On the other hand, some celebs that are warm-toned are Rachel Bilson, Nicole Kidman, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Alba.


Vein Test

Have a look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Are they blue or green? Cool-toned women will often see blue veins and warm-toned women will often see green. P.S this doesn't mean that your veins are actually green, but it looks this way because you're seeing it through yellow-toned skin - this is how you know you're warm-toned rather than cool!


Sun Effect

Have you ever noticed how some people tan so easily and can turn a nice shade of golden brown in a second (jealous!)whereas it might take you ages to achieve the same colour or you might simply just burn instead of tanning at all? That's also due to your natural colouring! See, warm-toned women will turn a golden brown while cool-toned women tend to burn and turn pink first. Fair skinned cool-toned women will straight up burn while medium skinned cool-toned women will burn and then tan.

Are you warm-toned or cool-toned? ☀️ ❄️ Comment below!

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@Miriams Espinal me too! 😊

Im pale :(

I'm warm toned with natural brown hair. I dye my hair bright red with bright streaks so it's kind of hard finding the right tones. I wear yellow gold jewelry and no pinks or teals usually. I think greens and neutrals r best on me

I am cool tone

I'm warm-toned. 🙋😘☀️

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